Choosing Photos That Convey Your Mission 

We’ve all heard it before – a picture is worth 1,000 words. We experience it everyday, and the popularity of visually-focused social media just proves what we already know. People want to see pictures. 

Does your mission come through the images you use to represent and market your brand? Are donors immediately able to see the alignment between an image used in your appeal and the ask it is making? Are grant-making organizations seeing consistency across your website?

As fun as taking, selecting, and editing the perfect image may be, it can also be a challenge. One of the first investments I made in Innovative Solving is to find curated, high-quality images. Let’s be real – don’t we all make snap judgements about which organizations and businesses we trust or don’t trust or which influencers we will or won’t follow based on what we see? Does the image projected by your business or organization align with what you say your business or organization does? 

As an entrepreneur, any tool that maximizes efficiency is a “yes” in my book. HauteStock takes the time out of finding, shooting, or editing high-quality photos that capture the spirit of Innovative Solving. Getting amazing, beautiful photos is easy and fun, and isn’t that what founding your own organization or launching your own business all about?! Well, maybe not all, but it’s in there!