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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value add of working with Innovative Solving?

When you work with Innovative Solving, you get the added value of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual lens that can only make your business or organization more adaptable, equitable, and resilient!

In addition to this added value, Shaïnah is known to share exclusive “tips and tricks” with all her clients past and present. Innovative Solving is the collaboration that keeps giving! Book now!

I want to work with Innovative Solving but I am still developing my business or organization. Are there any tips you can share?

Absolutely! Knowing where to start when you are still developing and growing your business or organization can be a challenge. We are proud of you for all the work you have done so far and encourage you to keep pressing forward!

For many of our clients, a purposeful conversation with someone outside your business or organization can unlock new perspectives and renewed clarity for a path forward. We would love to be a part of this process with you! To get started and give your needs the time and attention they deserve, Book a Goal Setting & Alignment Call now! You won’t regret it!

No matter what stage of the process you are in, you can always benefit from checking out the tips over on our Instagram page and the Training and Resources materials we have available here.

How much will it cost to work with Innovative Solving?

At Innovative Solving, we know cost can be be prohibitive to good organizations getting access to our innovative services. For this reason, when it comes to pricing, we have 3 guiding principles:

  1. Integrity – We will always tell you the truth.
  2. Transparency – We do not charge you for “hidden” billing hours.
  3. Equity of Experience – You will get a high-quality Innovative Solving experience regardless of price point.

With these principles in mind, pricing depends on your budget, work we will be doing together, and the duration of our collaboration. A Goal Setting & Alignment Call will allow for more careful assessment of your budget, needs, and challenges.

Book now!

I am ready to get solving! Where do I start?

We are excited to work with you! Book a Goal Setting & Alignment Call and start the journey to reaching your business or organization goals. Welcome to the Innovative Solving family!

I noticed the Goal Setting & Alignment call Innovative Solving offers is paid. Why is that?

The Goal Setting & Alignment Call offered by Innovative Solving is so much more than a standard “introductory” or “discovery” call. While this call allows us to learn about each other to see how we would fit as a client/consultant team, the Goal Setting & Alignment Call includes key insights that go beyond the standard discovery call. 

The Goal Setting & Alignment Call includes:

  • Relevant industry research
  • In-depth insights and trends applicable to your needs
  • Tried-and-true suggestions specific to your industry

Finally, after our call, you will receive a detailed proposal, specifically prepared for you and your business or organization, designed to lay out the best path forward to respond to the unique needs and challenges you and your organization are facing.

Chat with me here to let me know how I can help!