About Innovative Solving

We help you solve the unique funding and engagement challenges facing your business or organization.

Language Offerings

We support you in reaching wider audiences by diversifying your langauge offerings.

Years of Experience

Across the private and public sectors and working with dozens of organizations.

Of Innovative Solutions

We believe the possibilities are original, endless, innovative. 

The Innovative Solving Story

Innovative Solving was over 10 years in the making. We harnessed the good (and not so good) of every professional experience over the last decade to bring you the most customized plan for your specific needs. Innovative Solving marries industry insights with modern approaches that help you expand and stabilize your business or organization.

Our non-traditional approach to the distinct challenges facing your business or organization brings with it a refreshing and unique perspective. Together, we can better serve you and your community, reach goals, and solve challenges with grace, compassion, empathy, and fun! Let’s get solving!

The Woman Behind the Brand

About Shaïnah Faustin Laforest

Hi! I’m Shaïnah (Shy-yee-na)! I am a Fundraising and Engagement Strategist, translation and interpretation expert, and accountability coach. You’re right! That is quite a mouthful…but what can I say? I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I have centered my career around helping others.

This value “service” has been at the heart of my decision making from the very beginning. I distinctly remember carefully writing out the letters t-c-h-r [teacher] in my first grade memory book, proudly manifesting my future occupation. I promise that my spelling has improved much since then!

Okay, back to the present. Service led me to teaching eager 11th and 12th graders. It guided me to working with community centers, non-profits and mission-forward organizations, and many other wonderful organizations and businesses.

I’ve worked in a variety of school settings – public, charter, independent and have explored various roles within the nonprofit space. These experiences crafted my non-traditional, fresh approach to the traditional challenges seen across organizations, and I am eager to join forces with you. So glad you’re here. Welcome to the Innovative Solving family! Let me know how I can help!