Hi Innovative Solving family! After a short break, we’re back! If you’ve caught up on our Instagram Page you know that this past year we’ve been working at new client collaborations and growing our Innovative Solving family. We’re excited for the new things we have in store! Whether you’re a new organization, or you’ve been in the game for a while, we can all use some help with organization. Here are some tried-and-true tips and tools organizations can use to simplify their lives.

Just starting out

If you’re a new mission-first organization, you may be looking for brand colors. PANTONE Studio can help you choose the color palettes for your logo/ brand. This app allows people to convert the colors that inspire them in daily life into palettes. Additionally, it features Pantone’s color library, including their extensive collection of hues for graphics.

If you’re looking to create a company email, Zoho Mail allows you to do so for free while using your own unique domain. Apps like Wix, Etsy, Canva, and SquareSpace assist you in developing the designs and marketplaces for your organization that can be helpful for creating websites and branding.

For aesthetic and easily brandable photos, videos, and branding, we recommend Haute Stock! Offering distinctive stock photos, videos, and marketing templates that you can use for your websites, social media, and more, Haute Stock caters to every design aesthetic. This unique tool makes it easier to locate on-brand images. Additionally, with their cutting-edge Couture Curation service, a group of graphic designers handpicks Haute Stock images to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Track your hours

It can be a challenge to keep track of hours either for yourself, or for employees and volunteers working remotely. You can keep track of the time you’ve spent working on a certain tagged activity using apps like Harvest, and you may submit the timesheet for approval at the end of each week. You can expose your company to this tool to help everyone start timing themselves accurately. Your company will benefit from this more accurate and organized tracking of how much time each employee spends working.

Declutter your workspace

We work remotely at Innovative Solving so we do our best to keep our individual workplaces organized and decluttered – we find it helps with tackling our to do list! But maintaining a clean workplace goes beyond keeping the workspace organized. It also applies your devices! We know we aren’t alone in looking for that one file that we can’t seem to find! Spending some time creating folders and subfolders for all the documents that need to be kept track of within your organization saves you precious time in the long run. With everything in its proper place, it will be so much easier to find what you are looking for and frees up your time to focus on growing your organization! Some useful online tools are: Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Write a to-do list

We sometimes find ourselves mentally keeping track of tasks. We get it! To help, create a to-do list with all of your tasks on it and arrange them according to priority and due date. You can divide your work into smaller parts by creating subtasks. 

Your organization will hus improve its attention to detail and benefit from even tiny organizational habits. Start strong in order to avoid having any loose ends later on!

Finding a to-do organizing system or software that meets your needs might be challenging, but to get started, we recommend giving Todoist, TickTick, Microsoft To Do, Trello, Asana, and Google Keep a try.

Delegate responsibilities and recruit assistance

Being organized while starting or running an organization is never easy, which is why Innovative Solving is here to help. We provide mission forward organizations with fundraising, coaching, and translation services as well as innovative solutions to keep things running. See the rest of our website to discover more ways we can help you! Let’s get solving!

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