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Take your business or organization to new heights with our customized fundraising, translation, and coaching services.

What we Do

We help you solve the complex challenges facing your business or organization.

Fundraising & Engagement

Infuse more funding into your business or organization and increase your donor engagement.


Establish strong, sustainable habits and processes to benefit your business or organization.

Accessibility & Translation 

Reach wider, overlooked audiences by expanding your language offerings and diversifying your communication.

“Shaïnah is strategic, thoughtful and transparent in her approach and results. She’s able to identify broad goals and breakdown achievable milestones to help deliver long term success.”

The Innovative Solving Difference

Complex problems are our specialty at Innovative Solving. We love to think about (and solve!) the challenges in your business or organization so you can focus on the side of things you enjoy most.

Let's Get Solving!